Yasin Ozdemir


Yasin Ozdemir has been researcher from 2007 to present in the Department of Food Technologies, Ataturk Central Horticultural Research Institute Yalova/Turkey. He was also an auditor of ‘Food Safety and Standards’ between 2004−2007 in the Yalova Agriculture Ministry Office.
He has 1st National Olive Oscar Award for his innovative olive technology research project at 2015 and 4 times worthy to be exhibition awards (2015/2016/2017) at International Food R&D Project Market. He has published a lot of article in international research journals. He takes part as a leader in 8 national research projects and as a researcher in 5 national research projects. He has 3 registered patents on table olive and olive sausage processing. He has Environment Awards/Academician Special Award from Istanbul Chamber of Industry at 2018.

His research program involves: table olive technology, new fruit and vegetable selectin works for final step of breeding project, ISO standards, new food technologies, olive oil, food safety, functional foods, eco-friendly food technology and probiotic foods.